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Paola I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, and grew up speaking both Portuguese and English as my mother, Nancy Staeblein, is an English teacher and Official Translator for the State of Rio de Janeiro. At only 15 years old, I received my first Certificate of Proficiency in English, from the University of Michigan and, five years later, my second Certificate of Proficiency, from Cambridge University, in England.  Languages have always been my forte and a passion for Portuguese led me to a degree in Journalism. 

I have over 25 years of experience as a translator spanned over 6 years as an assistant translator to my mother, in Brazil and, since 1990, as a full-time freelance translator in the US, working with various agencies and directly with clients.  I have translated a vast array of materials, from marketing brochures and business correspondence to official and technical text.  My areas of expertise include: Business, Marketing/Advertising, Computers, Human Resources, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Environment, Tourism, Fashion, Media and the Arts.  I work in a timely, professional manner, with particular attention to content, style, grammar and spelling.


I have translated a variety of documents for numerous companies. Please see below for a list of some of my jobs:

DC-10 aircraft maintenance manual
Mobil Chemical news article
Dow Corning legal proceedings
Universal Studios marketing booklet
Honeywell annual operating plan
Google Brasil employment contract
AT&T company survey
Comcast digital voice product brochure
Qualcomm wireless product voice-over video and translation
Pfizer stock options - optionee training
Nextel software maintenance agreement
Narcotics Anonymous conference program
Merrill Lynch qtrly. performance report for investment fund
Citibank investment fund report
Lyons Club officer orientation guide
IBM Lotus software licensing information
Duty free catalog
Mafi-Trench Corp. oil drilling equipment manual
Net2Phone website
TLS surgical drain instruction sheet
Hop-On wireless user guide
Polycom purchase order
Gain Software web page
POHE financial mechanism brochure
Tumbleweed Communications email security product brochure
Mercer business consulting services brochure
Intersystems end user licence & services agreement
LCD monitor manual


I work with various translation/interpretation agencies across the US. Please see below for references.

Linguistic Systems Inc. - 617-528-7420
Abigail Weiner -

Executive Linguist Agency - 800-522-2320
Louie Sentinelli -

AAA Worldwide Translation - 952-922-7446
Dan Fryer -

Worldbridge Translation Services - 310-477-8678
Carla Satnick -

Auerbach International - (415) 592-0042
Philip Auerbach/Christopher Alvarado

Kern Global Language Services - San Francisco
Tel. (415) 433-537
Charlotte Sanford -

TLS Translation Service - 732-530-4542
Ingeborg Perndorfer -

Interpretation for CUIAB - 818-216-0715
Bob Mendoza